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Feel your entire body transcend into a state of zen as each haunting beat thrums in your chest. Enveloping your senses and transporting you to an other-worldly place via their deliciously dark soundscape, JERM blends ethereal vocals with guitar, drums and synthesisers. Utterly hypnotising, the musical outfit draws their inspiration from industrial, gothic and electronic beats to deliver a spellbinding immersive experience.



JERM is a Noise Rock band that draws inspiration from industrial, gothic and electronic music to create a sound that is dark and captivatingly beautiful - JERM melds a powerful, unique voice with rich soundscapes to mold an immersive musical experience. While completing the recording and mixing process of their debut record in their home studio, JERM fleshed out their songs with a four-piece band of talented local musicians. The full-band line-up have since taken JERM’s sound into heavier territory, creating a huge live sound, garnering praise and excitement within Brisbane's local music scene.

PHOTOClea-marie Thorne @lilmissterror

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Nerang StreetSouthport CBD QLD 4215

Friday 05 Jul5PM – 9:30PM
All times are QLD AEST

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