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Projected onto fabric, each arresting image in this sombre installation presents a moment to pause and consider the confronting reality of life in Palestine. Visual artist Hazem Harb fashions gauze into floating shapes like the bodies that haunt his mind’s eye, to illuminate the genocide that has impacted his people. Early in his art practice, Harb happened upon an unexpected art material – gauze, a loosely woven, fine fabric traditionally used for bandages and sculpting, and originating in his beloved homeland, Gaza. Harb adopted gauze as symbol of his cultural identity; it became a backdrop for his personal resistance, expressed through art, speaking to the suffering of his people that defined his youth. Now, two decades later, using the same material that has fascinated him throughout his artistic journey, Harb creates a powerful work, a reflection on the frailty of human life.



Visual artist Hazem Harb's trajectory, spanning several decades, maintains an unwavering dialogue with his symbolically charged homeland.
Moving from Gaza to Rome to receive his MFA at The European Institute of Design, and then on to the UAE, Harb has learnt to navigate life as a liminal space. Knowing that his place of origin can never be just a 'land', the artist unleashes an ever-evolving repertoire of artistic techniques to negotiate a space which has been carved up and re-drawn many times. His art is at once subsumed in deep locality, fuelled by personal insight, and entangled in conversations that cannot be easily separated from the global arena.
His practice is intended more as visual excavation than romanticisation of the Other, and through it, we can explore the paradoxical and pressured relations between people and places. Steering away from nostalgia and the fetishisation of displacement, he draws from academia, architecture, as well as European art traditions, to negotiate an axis of complex social and cultural relations; built and natural environments, longing and belonging.

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Nerang StreetSouthport CBD QLD 4215

Friday 21 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
Saturday 22 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
Sunday 23 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
Friday 28 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
Saturday 29 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
Sunday 30 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
Friday 05 Jul5PM – 9:30PM
Saturday 06 Jul5PM – 9:30PM
Sunday 07 Jul5PM – 9:30PM
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