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Watch carefully and you’ll spy four sets of wandering eyes in this deeply layered painting. Representing the spiritual, physical and story realms, Gudjingburra artist Kyle Slabb depicts figure Jabreen, standing on Jellaigal (Burleigh Headland), while his brothers reside at Wollumbin, a central law place for local mob. In the canoe is Gumaygan – the mother of the brothers and of all ancestors – connecting every spirit and person no matter which realm they exist in. As the moon rises and falls within the artwork throughout the evening, so return to this projection throughout the night for a different perspective.



Kyle Slabb is the Founder, Director and Cultural Facilitator with Banaam, where he plays a crucial role in fostering a strong sense of cultural identity and inclusivity in both the community and the workplace. As a respected cultural leader, Kyle is passionate about educating others on the rich traditions and values of Indigenous peoples, ultimately enhancing employee engagement and productivity by building inclusive and diverse cultures.

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    South Side, Regent LaneSouthport CBD QLD 4215

    Friday 21 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
    Saturday 22 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
    Sunday 23 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
    Friday 28 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
    Saturday 29 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
    Sunday 30 Jun5PM – 9:30PM
    Friday 05 Jul5PM – 9:30PM
    Saturday 06 Jul5PM – 9:30PM
    Sunday 07 Jul5PM – 9:30PM
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